Interview mit dem Magazin Buzzfeed

Ich finde –> bisher das beste Bild, was eine Zeitung von mir geschossen hat

Ist ein „realtiv“ guter Artikel, wenn man es mit deutschen Zeitungen vergleicht. Man kommt sogar mit ettlichen Aussagen zu Wort.

The challenge now, Frenck said, is for the AfD and other elements on the right to stop fearing being called Nazis and start working together.

“The problem is, everyone is arguing with each other and is divided,” Frenck said. “The Nazis back then [in the 1930s], they didn’t reinvent the [German monarchy]. They brought in a new flag, new uniforms — all new! They didn’t just orient themselves at the past; they created something new. That’s the same [as] what we need to do.”

“In these days, it is almost an honor if you are being called a Nazi,” he told BuzzFeed News. “It shows that you have your heart in the right spot for your fatherland.”

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